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Arora has always been a name of trust in the field of industrial machinery, solutions and parts, for more than three decades. To retain the same level of trust in the field of Rubber and Plastic Auxiliary Machines, We, The Arora Business International, have joined hands with one of the biggest manufacturers of Rubber and Plastic auxiliary machines and parts in China. They have the experience in designing, production and marketing of more than twenty years. The company proudly holds more than 1000 patents. With matchless production experience from China and extraordinary business experience of Arora, together, we are confident on providing our customer with best quality product. The extensive focus on Research and Development is a distinction from our competitors. The number of patents is a proof of our commitment towards continuous development and our mission of “Mastering the Core-Technology”. All our products are manufactured on imported machines from Japan and Germany, including three coordinate detection equipments from Germany, completing the process using CAD. These High-Tech machines give high level of precision in every detail. Our products already have the confidence of customers around the globe in more than 100 countries/regions. The company has also passed the CE/ROHS certification. The wide range of our products includes: Hopper Dryer, All Aluminum Alloy Auto Loader, Colour Mixer, Power Crusher, and Mould Temperature Controller etc. We also have the accessories of the aforementioned, including: High Pressure Blower, Blower for Hopper Dryer, CX/TB Turbo Blower Air Ventilation Fan etc. Arora is proud to introduce these highly efficient products in Pakistan that are specifically designed for a long life and stable performance. Arora Business International is Located in the heart of Pakistan i.e. Lahore City, at Brandreth Road, which is the hub of industrial machinery and parts in Pakistan.